When halloween costumes used to be creepy

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  • Pros of listening to Brand New: youre listening to a cool band
  • Cons of listening to Brand New: youre probably really sad.

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Tuesdays are always so busy for me.. so lets throw in a mandatory organization fair during my lunch hour to make things more difficult. 

I’m not staying in my dorm for the weekend so there better not be any fucking boys in my dorm this weekend

okay my roommate brought home this guy (pretty sure it’s her ex) at like 2 in the morning and didn’t bother to warn me they were going to have sex so I had to try and block that out, and then I fell asleep until like 3:30 ish and I wake up bc I hear this guy getting out of bed and I realize he’s in a complete different state of mind. He stumbles over to my bed completely naked, leans against it, and starts PEEING on my fucking rug/shoes. So I was like WHAT THE FUCK and I pushed him away and he kept resisting and went over to my trash can/little white cube storage thing and starts pissing over there! So I had to jump out of bed and yell at him and push him towards our bathroom and I don’t even think he made it in there and I was basically hyperventilating for awhile 😅 but I’m pissed as fuck now and I only got like 3 hours of sleep and I wish he would leave


Another concert we were supposed to be at

It really sucks listening to a guy you like talk about a girl he likes